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Rotary Circle Cutting Machine

RAVI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION has Designed & Developed the On Line Rotary Circle Cutting System to Precisely Cut the Blank Circles Continuously From a Coil. Hence, It's Eliminate the Requirement of Mechanical / Hydraulic Presses, Guillotine Shear & Blanking Tool etc.

Salient Features:-

On Line Synchronisation with the De-Coiler & Straightener for Automatic Functioning.

Blanking of 2 or 3 Circles in a row.

High End Quality of Hardened Cutter & Die for Durable Long Lasting Operation.

Vice & Cutter Fixture Assembly Hydraulically Actuated for Better Results.

Electrically Controlled Machine Adjustment According to the Coil Size.

Compact Design to Minimize Discomfort with Complete Automation of Circle Cutting Process.

Hydraulically Operated.

Rotary Circle Cutting System consists of Following:-

  • De-coiler
  • Straightener
  • Rotary Circle Cutting Machine's (Set of Three Machines)
  • Idle / Power Conveyors
  • Cut - Off Shearing (Optional)

Ravi Industrial Corporation for manufacturing of all types of Presses, Shearing Machines, Forging Machines etc.

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