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CA Welding Machine

The LPG Cylinder CA [Circumference) Welding machine is a Metal Inert Gas (MIG) machine. The welding fixtures hold the upper and lower cylinder halves horizontally and rotate them around the axis. The features of the LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine are:

Salient Features:-

Silent, vibration free and precision working machine.

3-Axis movement for welding torch holder adjustment Slide.

Electrical Control panel for synchronize operation rotating fixture & welding.


Welding Method Metal Inert Gas (MIC) Welding / Submerged Arc (SAW) Welding
Welding Automate Structure Fabricated Steel
LPG cylinder halves position in Weld Automat Horizontal
Weld working style Rotating halves & welding torch stationary
Loading and unloading of halves Manual by operator
Welding Operation Automatic by operator initiation
Halves Clamping Pneumatic Cylinder
Halves Rotation Electric motor & Gearbox
Rotation Speed Adjustable (As per Client Requirement)

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