Rotary Circle Cutting Machine

RAVI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION has designed & developed the On Line Rotary Circle Cutting System to Precisely Cut the Blank Circles Continuously from a Coil. Hence, It’s Eliminate the Requirement of Mechanical / Hydraulic Presses, Guillotine Shear & Blanking Tool etc.

Salient Features:-

  • On Line Synchronization with the De-Coiler & Straightener for Automatic Functioning.
  • Blanking of 2 or 3 Circles in a row.
  • High End Quality of Hardened Cutter & Die for Durable Long Lasting Operation.
  • Vice & Cutter Fixture Assembly Hydraulically Actuated for Better Results.
  • Electrically Controlled Machine Adjustment According to the Coil Size.
  • Compact Design to Minimize Discomfort with Complete Automation of Circle Cutting Process.
  • Hydraulically Operated.